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Are you ready to leave work at work?

Doctor Friends, 


Are you overworked? Under-appreciated?


Have you lost the joy you used to feel in medicine? 

Change is possible. Happiness is available to you now.

You can stop bringing work home and spend more time doing what you love, without guilt.


Get more done while working less, and start feeling better today.

Click below to download my free 5-step guide.

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Like you, I am a busy physician. I'm a full- time academic pediatrician, a wife, a mother, and a certified physician coach.

I help physicians reclaim their joy.

Before I found coaching, I was exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated by the medical system, and feeling powerless to make change. 


With coaching, I've become more productive, connected, and joyful in my life and career – and I work fewer hours than before. I decided to become a coach to help other physicians in this journey. 


I can help you feel more balanced, more joyful, and less overwhelmed so that you can start building your dream life.

xo, Ilse

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