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Do the tasks in your in-basket seem to keep multiplying? 

Do you worry about your in-basket even when you're not at work? Does it feel like your in-basket work will never end? 

You are not alone, and you are not imagining things. 

  • Pre-pandemic, the average primary care physician spent 75 minutes per day on in-basket tasks.

  • Over the past 3 years, the volume of patient messages has increased by 157%

  • A greater number of in-basket tasks has been associated with a greater risk of physician burnout.  

The overwhelm is real. 

The good news is: it doesn't have to be this way.


Your in-basket doesn't have to ruin your day. 


Let me show you how.  

Click below and get instant access to a free guide that will help you take control of your in-basket. 

Are you overwhelmed by your in-basket? 



Like you, I am a busy physician.

I'm a full- time academic pediatrician, a wife, a mother, and a physician coach.


With an active in-basket. 

Before I found coaching, I was exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated by the medical system, and felt powerless to make change. 


With coaching, I've become more productive, connected, and joyful in my life and career. 


My in-basket may still be full, but it no longer ruins my day. 


"Ilse is amazing! After each session I would come away with new practical tools to implement which have had a meaningful impact in my day-to-day work and personal life."

"Coaching with Ilse has drastically increased my job satisfaction and my personal happiness."

"Ilse helped me look at some routine clinical problems in a really innovative way, and gave a lot of skills and tips that were immediately applicable."

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