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What is wrong with changing your mind?

Why can’t your self-image change? Why does the picture of life you imagined during med school or residency (or in your childhood) have to be the life you still desire?

A client shared this with me this week –

I’ve always seen myself as someone who strives to be “the best.” Who sets and reaches huge goals, who seeks leadership positions, who wins awards and has accelerated promotions. And then I started my family. And I’m no longer sure that’s who I want to be.”

When we explored deeper, it turns out that her last sentence was a lie – she WAS sure who she wanted to be. Completely sure.

But that person was not the same as the image she had conjured earlier in her career, and that disconnect was painful.

Which leads to the question of the day – what is wrong with revising your self-image, your goals, your dreams? What’s wrong with changing your mind? My answer: Nothing. Life is filled with revisions, course-corrects, and do-overs. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind.


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