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The Beauty of Our Dreams

My coach recently suggested that I consider spending more time dreaming. My mind (like many of yours, I’m guessing!) is very good at planning, at problem solving, and at worrying – but I spend far less time intentionally dreaming.

The practice of dreaming has been a lovely addition to my life. It has helped me to clarify my goals, led to important conversations with my family, and allowed me to better appreciate the blessings that are already present in my life.

I’m sharing some of my dreams with you, today.

Because writing dreams down and putting them out into the world is the first step to making them real.

And, because I hope that hearing my dreams will prompt you to consider yours.

Ilse’s Dream Life

I wake up every morning without an alarm

I get into bed between 9:30-10pm (I do love my sleep!)

I spend time outside every day

I exercise every day

I knit

I read for pleasure

I learn new things regularly

I have the flexibility in my schedule to attend activities & events in my kids’ lives if I want to

I have the flexibility to hire someone to drive kids to the things I don’t want to attend

I do work that changes people’s lives

I am my own boss – I decide when I work and how much I work

I have household help to clean & do yard work

I have a calming and comfortable home & garden

I eat fresh, nourishing foods

I have budgeted to take several vacations with my family each year

I spend time regularly with my parents and sibling

I have meaningful relationships with friends locally and around the world

I have kids who want to spend time with me and who also have their own full lives

I grow old with my hubby

What does your dream life look like?

What are the non-negotiables on your list?

What parts of your dream life are already a reality?

In what ways can you start bringing other parts to life?

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their own dreams. - Eleanor Roosevelt

I’d love to hear your dreams, and to help you start building the framework for them. Set up a free consult at


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